VedaRx products are a premium line of herbal supplements, used to enrich your health, unleash the power of ancient science with natural pure and high quality formulas.


                                       Ayurveda, known as the “Science of Life”


According to Ayurveda text, each person is a blend of three vital energies within the body -  

 1) Vata : Vata consists of the elements air and ether also described as cool, dry and creative.

 2) Pitta :  Pitta (fire and water) tends to be hot, sharp and vibrant.

 3) Kapha :  Kapha (water and earth)is responsible for water and other bodily fluids.     


Ayurvedic herbs have been used for thousands of years in India. When taken as directed, most Ayurvedic herbs are safe. Our health content describes general principles of health care that should not in any event be construed as specific instructions for individual.

We feature a great selection of high-quality VedaRx products, friendly service and, of course bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet. VedaRx is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in Health Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods. From its humble beginnings we have been dedicated to providing nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Through our comprehensive range of products, we touch the lives of all consumers, in all age groups, across all social boundaries. And this legacy has helped us develop a bond of trust with our consumers.

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